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Donate Policy

This is the policy around donations given to us. By default no donations are refundable. However if you do happen to send more then you wrote in USD amount. Like you wanna donate $10 but by mistake write in $15 worth of crypto and send it. The Coinpayments system should normally refund you funds. There might be fees with this.

In case the system wont refund your donation when you send too much then please write [email protected] with the invoice ID and transaction on the blockchain.

The system wont refund some amounts under a value and neither will i. If i personally have to refund you to an address it will cost you the Coinpayments fee + 1%. If your amount is less then the coinpayment fee + 1% nothing will be refunded.

So please to cut the cost of fees, please make sure you send the right amount at first.

For donation in Bitcoin, nothing below $100 will be refunded because of high fees.