Not everyone can afford to buy crypto for all sorts of reasons and its perfect that there is options for people to earn free crypto. This post will include all the best options to earn free crypto. I have tested and been paid by all these options so i know that you will too. Every section will have a little about each way you can earn free crypto from the different websites.

Have in mind some countries do have more earning options then others and that’s is mainly because of offers and surveys pay more in some countries then others.

The list will be of all sorts of sites, Faucets, offer walls and much much more to earn free crypto.

Some of these faucets and earning options pay to Faucetpay. Click here to learn more about Faucetpay.

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Tronking isn’t you usual way of earning, tho i do want to include it because it does have a faucet for free tron. You can also do surveys and offers on Tronking, however end of the day it is a casino with homemade games. The more you have wagered the higher amounts can be claimed every hour from the faucet.

Tronkings highest level let you claim 30 Tron every single hour, but i’m not sure how many tron you would need to wager at that point. However the wage only have to be met once.

I know that the first wager is 50 TRX and the second is 500 TRX, so i wouldn’t be suprised if they added a 0 behind every single level for wager. You will need a minimum of 15 TRX to withdraw from the website, however pretty easy to reach if you do surveys.


Faucetcrypto is an older faucet and offer wall website that have been around for some time now. They have a wide range of ways to earn free crypto on Faucetcrypto and here is the list.

  • The Faucet
  • Jobs
  • Surveys
  • Offers from a wide range of offerwalls
  • PTC Ads
  • Shortlinks

Every action you make let you earn experience that will make you level up. This will let you withdraw higher and higher amounts for each level. There is possibilities of item drops you can either sell ono the website marketplace for coins to withdraw and help you options to eanr and level up faster.

Faucetcrypto let you withdraw in 21 different crypto coins and/or tokens directly to your wallet with very low fee’s.

Dutchycorp Autofaucet

Dutchycorp is another old option to earn and auto faucet. The faucet used to pay to multiple micro wallets yet still pays all supported faucetpay coins and tokens. Beside that do dutchycorp support 77 different coins and tokens that you can earn by exchange dutchy tokens or using the auto faucet for higher payout.

Dutchycorp also support levels that you gain from doing tasks to earn dutchy tokens. I will list the tasks under this text. Howevere the level will give you a bonus amount of crypto/dutchy tokens when you use the auto faucet to claim into faucetpay or on to the websites wallets.

  • Offerwalls
  • Micro tasks
  • PTC ads
  • Surf Ads
  • Dutchy roll
  • Shortlinks
  • Games
  • Staking
  • Mining

There is a ton of options to earn more dutchy and free crypto on Dutchycorp and only you really set the limit on how much you want to do of the work every day. This website is one of my favorite websites to get free crypto from, so i will fully recommend this for new users in this field.


To end off this small list of amazing places, if you are looking for more sites you can always check the faucet list that we made with all our favorite faucets and offerwall services here. All they take is your time to get free crypto and you wont have to spend a penny to gain more. I know its not my usual content, however its what i could do at current moment. I will be back stronger then ever in a few months to bring you more content