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About Us

This blog is made to help and teach people about places where they can HODL their crypto and make their crypto work for them. We are dedicated to research for you and give you all the information we can in a post about the different places that we find.

We will also be posting about scams and how to avoid it so you can avoid losing money and keep earning money from the tools we are giving you.

All our post do include referral links, they do support us and the more signups on our links and use the less ads we can show on our website. If we have the option we will share 50/50 with our referral links or anything what max share might be. Like our Biswap link where we share 50/50 on our 5% earnings with you.

The goal is to fully remove all ads at a point and live from affiliate earnings and donations through brave partnerships and our donation page where you can donate any amount of crypto if you like my work.