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How To Avoid Scam Sites – 2024

This page we will talk about the websites that you will have to stay away from as well as other scams that is out there to. Tho its always good to have in mind that if it sounds too good to be true then it most likely also is. We know some of these have company numbers and most of them from the UK, however its easy to get a company number in the UK or buy a company number online. Tho most of these scammers are using UK company numbers because they are the easiest to get.

Cloud Mining

Even tho cloud mining is a real thing 99% of the cloud mining sites out there is a scam and don’t actually have the machines to support any of what they promise. Most of the addresses listed on cloud mining sites are in shopping malls or small apartments/flats. So always look out for the below checklist, tho thinking all cloud mining sites are a scam can save you a lot of money. Avoid Sites with the below list!

  • Gives a daily or hourly percentage of your investment well above 0.10% (legit sites max gives 7.5% a year)
  • Gives out free hash rates. (all scam sites gives free hash rate that often goes above what a good GPU can make)
  • None mineable coins (TRX, SOL, XRP, ADA and so on. If not sure ask google for coins that cannot be mined)

HYIP Sites

Well the general rule is that all HYIP sites are a scam. they all are always giving 1% or above a day and come up with things to sound legit like they trade on markets with your funds or AI or something 3rd (nothing will ever make 1% or above sustainable). Then you might be, “but they are paying” well sure they are, but that’s how they make you refer new users that invest and they do too and when they reach their goal and run with the money.

Token Sale/Airdrop

This topic is a little bit harder to deal with. Not all token sales or airdrops are scams and it really takes you do your research before you go into it. Tho there will always be a few pointers to look out for to help you on the way. So please read the points below carefully and even use this page when you find your next airdrop.

  • Airdrops of well known coins in telegram (these are often scams and ask you to send a fee to get your airdrop, always confirm with the coins/tokens team).
  • Airdrops of well known coins on websites (These often ask you to connect your wallet to claim and will most likely be wallet drainers, again always ask the coins/tokens team or the domain of airdrop, if not on official domain (often sub domains of their own domain or free hosting services) its 100% scam.)
  • Does what they promise sounds too good to be true? (if so maybe don’t invest your money, will most likely end in disappointment)
  • Always search on what other people say on different forums or websites to get a feeling of a token/coin sale and always try avoiding the “team” behind it.
  • Is the token already on market use de.fi to search it up and get a feeling (link further down)
  • Use Scamsniffer while you are dealing with Web3 (link further down)

Its important to always do research about any coin/token sale or airdrop before you invest money or time. We know it does take time to research, but that research into it might just saved you a lot of money.

How to stop scam?

Well, most likely wont be fully gone anytime soon, but the scams stop when there is no money to be scammed, which means when no one invest their money into these scam. That would take a lot of effort and coordination with a lot of people which isn’t possible not to mention talk people out of it because they really believe that its real.

Best we can do is help educate people on the matter and hopefully have more and more people understand, which could help a lot and give less money to scammers over time.

You can always check our free blog for information and ways to earn more and even for free. Also check the earn menu item, it contains all sorts of ways to earn free crypto and places that gives interest rates all from staking pools to lending your money through real companies.

We will update this page with time the more we learn with ways to avoid and new scams that might come around. If you have something you feel should be on this page please feel free to write [email protected] and we will look into it.

Tools To Report Scam

Have in mind these tools only work with domain names, and you shouldn’t report discord or telegram URL’s or generally well known companies since you should report the scams directly to them.

  • Phish (Mainly used by companies to take down phishing websites acting like them, but i generally use this too and report websites to the host and domain provider and it automatically reports to different phishing directories)
  • Microsoft Website reporter (Lets you report websites to microsoft so they can warn their users)
  • Google Safe Browsing (reports websites directly to google so they can add a warning when you try entering the website)


  • Malwarebytes (best anti virus/phishing and cheapest premium compared to a lot of anti virus. You can also use it for free. They have a browser plugin that blocks scams and phishing sites that have been reported. Its also good at blocking scam ads as well as bad IP’s and more)

Other Tools

  • De.fi (an amazing tool to get a feeling about a token and a good security check before buying tokens that are already on market)
  • Scamsniffer (A good web3 security extension)
  • Guardio ( Great accounts and browser security extension. Good at blocking bad websites as well)

Anti Scam and Phishing Youtubers

  • NoTextToSpeech (Mostly about scams within Discord and other discord related things)