This post will help you get started mining Ethereum or its algo Ethash. First you will need an account with to do your earnings. My link will give you an exstra 0.5% your first 30 days of mining. Of cause i will be explaining a bit about in this post so you know more before you get started.

What is Prohashing

Prohashing is a mining pool that does things a bit differently from others. As they let you mine 16 different algos, they let you get paid in totally different coins. Instead of getting paid in eg ETH you can choose to get paid in Dash if you set that under your payment option.

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Setting Payment Options

To set your way you want get paid just follow the image above to get to the page. When you are on the pageg click Add New Payout Option. New window will open where you can choose what coin or token you want to be paid in or if you want to send it all to charity. You can also choose to send it as USD to your coinbase account.

Just add your address to your wallet with no min amount to deposit.

When you have set the wallet just write 100% in that target proportion section unless you want to share everything between more coins.

Worker Configurator

If you have low end graphic cards its not recommended to mine Ethash or Etchash. Since they require over 4 GB graphic mem and 16 GB ram memory sticks. Both are about the same you can use this guide to mine ETC too. Since the defualt option here is good enough you wont have to change anything.

I will only set a worker name if you have more then one rig and change it on every rig. The rest i would only use if you are an experianced miner or group or even do Solo mining.

Ethereum Mining Softwares

Below here there is two lists of miners to use for Ethereum mining.

Best ETh Miner – NVIDIA

#FeeSoftware TypeOS SupportGPU Support
T-rex1%Closed SourceWindows/LinuxNVIDIA Only
GMiner0.65%Closed SourceWindows/LinuxNVIDIA / AMD
ETH MinerNo feeOpen SourceWindows/LinuxNVIDIA / AMD
LolMiner0.7%Closed SourceLinuxNVIDIA / AMD
PhoenixMiner0.65%Closed SourceWindows/LinuxNVIDIA / AMD
NBMiner1%Closed SourceWindows/LinuxNVIDIA / AMD

ETH miners for AMD

#FeeSoftware TypeOS SupportGPU Support
Team Red Miner0.75% to 1%Closed sourceWin / LinuxAMD only
LolMiner0.7%Closed sourceLinuxNVIDIA / AMD
PhoenixMiner0.65%Closed sourceWindows / LinuxNVIDIA / AMD
GMiner0.65%Closed sourceWindows / LinuxNVIDIA / AMD

Setting Up the Miner

Since i will be using NBMiner for this because it support both card types. Its fairly easy to setup the miner to start mining.

First you will need to pick the version for your OS. When downloaded move the folder from the zip/tgz file out to a place where you can find it.

Open the folder and find the start_eth.bat file as shown in the image. Right click it and press edit with Notepad/notepad++.

Then you will have to change what is inside the red circles with your info. However only difference for you will be the -u Caltv93 you need to change to -u YouUsername.

nbminer -a ethash -o stratum+tcp:// -u Caltv93 -log (for copy paste).

Now save your edit and close down your notepad. All you now need to do is double click the start_eth.bat file to start mining.

Now your dashboard on Prohashing and your miner system should look like this. However your dashboard can take a bit to update. Just wait for a share or two and it will show. If you scroll down a little on the dashboard you can see balances of the payout coin. This balance will update with time you earn from mining.

You will be paid automaticly to the wallet you set under payouts when you reach the min for that coin.

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