So it’s first of all been a while since i made an article, but though that i wanted to to help people to get the best out of their earnings from Pipeflare. You just need to have in mind that some of these will require you invest a little bit of money into NFT’s/memberships as well doing a bit of work to get forward.

Tho when you are fully done you could technically just let it run it self and do all your work for you on Pipeflare because some functions will let you claim automaticly so you won’t miss a single day. That said Pipeflare do let you win up to $5 in Zcash every 7 days you claim from the faucet.

Supporter Memberships


Not only do Pipeflare Memberships give you exstra multipliers on your faucet claims, it also can do that on referral claims. These packages do give you a lot of bonuses it also make sure that you dont miss a claim day. so if you lose your internet a weeks time and have one of these packages it will automaticly claim for you if you miss the claim time.

These packages are also important because they can give you some discount on the NFT’s you will buy on Pipeflare for more faucets and more multipliers.

You can buy this yearly or monthly, tho you can save on yearly memberships and recommended.

Referral Multipliers


The more people you get to sign up to Pipeflare the higher faucet multiplier can you get up to 2x. Here you earnings are also effected by your membership, the higher membership level the higher procentage do you get from referral claims and actions on Pipeflare.

Pipeflare do also have referral giveaways, the more people you refer to Pipeflare and hit the top 10 in a period you could win between $2 and $125 in Zcash from just getting people to join the website.

Your first 5 referrals unlock a spinner to a chance to win $5 in Zcash paid to your Zcash wallet linked with your Pipeflare account.

Staking 1FLR Token


Pipeflare have its own native token called 1FLR. You can use this token to stake it on their website for up to 14% per year staking reward. Holding a million or more 1FLR can also give you up tp 2x multiplier on faucet claims, or you can use the token to buy NFT’s and packs for a discount compared to using your credit/debit card to buy.

The longer you stake on Pipeflare in a locked period the higher reward you get per year. Again all depending on your membership level.



Airdrops all depending on your memberships and actions on Pipeflare. I do recommend you go on and read on the different airdrops what is required to be enrolled into them and get a cut of the cake of each airdrop. But it most of the time comes to how many referrals, how many 1FLR tokens and so on.

Pipeflare have airdrops on MATIC, NFT’s, Zcash and 1FLR tokens all the time, and it is not small amounts we talk about. Have in mind that 1FLR and MATIC is running on the MATIC chain and not ETH.

Faucet Multipliers


There is different ways to get more rewards from your Zcash, MATIC or 1FLR faucet and that is to make sure you connect your Socials to Pipeflare as well getting referrals and playing Rock Paper Scissors.

NFT’S And Multipliers


On Pipeflare NFT’s have all sorts of powers. They can give you all from staking, faucet multipliers and much more, or if you buy Pyro you even unlock the mystery faucet which currently is SHIB to be claimed and will be given to your MATIC metamask wallet when you reach min payout.

The best you can do is go to the NFT page on Pipeflare when you are logged in and see the different NFT’s you can buy with your card or 1FLR tokens.

I hope that this post helped you gain a better insight on how you possiblely could max out your earnings with Pipeflare. Only you set the limits on what you spend, but what you spend is only a one time and you can sell NFT’s again on the Pipeflare NFT market.

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