I’m writing these posts because i know there is a lot of people out there looking for free ways to get crypto. Some do it even tho they also invest and some do it because they cannot afford to invest. Now we have inflation and things have become a lot more expensive all from gas to food. Even tho they are not gonna make you rich its still free crypto you can add to your collection of crypto.

You will with time if you just save up collect your self a good amount for doing some “work” on these sites every day. As i said they wont make your rich, but its better then risking what you have left on HYIP and other sort of scam sites that promise your stupid returns that aint possible to maintain.

What you can do with the crypto you get from earning sites is send it to a place that let you earn a yearly procentage like on Binance which have all sorts of staking and interest accounts for your crypto.



Pipeflare is one of the better zcash faucets out there. Not only does it allow you to get free Zcash everyday directly sent to your zcash wallet, it also have a lot of items that let you grow your income both in free ways and paid ways. I would recommend you to read my article on pipeflare here. So if you only would use one faucet out of the once i write about in this article you should 100% go for this one as the best of them all.

Pipeflare also let you earn MATIC, their MATIC based token 1FLR and currently SHIB on the matic network if you are a supporter level. You can also stake your 1FLR tokens up to a locked period of 12 months for the max yearly rate.



Globalhive is a more simple faucet and is purely just zcash directly sent to your zcash wallet as soon as you claim. Its easy to use, you get more by using brave browser and the more days in a row you claim the higher multiplier up to 2x before it reset to the 1.2 rate again. On the 6th day you get your bonus claim that let you get a good amount of Zcash.

Globalhive have no premium, no own token or anything like that, its as simple a faucet as a simple faucet could be.



Faucetcrypto is more then just a faucet. Not only does it allow you to withdraw in over 13 different currencies including Zcash, it let you earn in so many ways. You can do all from surveys, watch ads and do offers and challanges to earn more. So if you live in a good survey country you could make a good amount of crypto since some regions can get up to $10 a survey.

Tho Faucetcrypto is a bit more work then the other two faucets above its still a good way to earn. If you have the patience to sit through surveys and more this site could be really rewarding and wont cost you anything else then time.

If you want to find more faucets that can earn you Zcash please visit the Faucet list.