A question i most often have gotten is what wallet a person should use for his/her crypto. In todays post i will tell you about 3 wallets i use personally. I will explain a bit about coins supported and functions of these wallets. When you are done reading this article, you should be a pro on these wallets.

All the wallets are either both for mobile and desktop or just mobile.

Atomic Wallet.

This multi coin wallet is packed with features and very easy to use. I will explain a bit of everything in this post so dont worry. Firstly Atomic Wallet support a ton of coins and tokens like Bitcoin, smartcash, DAI and so on. Atomic Wallet will support every single ERC20 token and all use some address. With this you can just send tokens and ETH to your ETH address from your wallet. All the ERC20 tokens will be added atomaticly.

You can also add tokens manually pressing the + sign.

You do of cause have access to all wallet private keys. Just go to settings > Private Keys and see it all including your wallet MEMO.

Atomic wallet do also come as IOS and android app.


All exchanges are done by Atomic Wallets partners. The partners behind this is Changenow and Changelly. You can only exchange the coins supported by the wallet and the partners. You can get cashback if you HOLD Atomic wallets native token. You can find more info on that under settings in the wallet.

Buy Crypto.

You can buy crypto from your wallet using simplex. Tho you have to make KYC each time with Simplex. Buy function do support a fair deal of local currencies. When your order is gone through, the crypto will automaticly be sent to your wallet. It’s fairly easy to use and buy. There is a min of $10 in fee’s until the 5% is equal to $10. So if you where to buy for $300 the normal 5% would apply.

In wallet staking

Atomic wallet do have a wide range of staking coins listed and also supported for staking in wallet. With coins that has validators you can pick the one you want. There is only pool and blockchain fee’s and atomic take none of these fee’s.

Coin NameAPYMin Stake
Solana +7% N/A
Zilliqa +14% N/A
Cardano +5% min 4 ADA
AWC +20% min 10 AWC
ICON +10% N/A
BAND +17% N/A
ATOM +7-11% N/A
Tezos +4-7% N/A
Tron +5% N/A
NEO +1.4% N/A
KMD +5.1% Min 10 KMD
ALGO +7.2% Min 1 ALGO
VET +1.63% N/A

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Coinomi Wallet

Coinomi is a bit different from Atomic wallet. Tho this wallet do not has as many features like Atomic it still have made my list. But this wallet do support something others do not.


The wallet of Coinomi do support some coins that other multi coin wallets do not. Its easy, you just add the once you need and no need to show the once you don’t want. It do support coins like Callisto, Reddcoin, litecoincash beside the normal coins like Bitcoin. This wallet comes for IOS, Android and desktop.


Like Atomic, Coinomi also use partners to do exchanges for you in wallet. Here they only yse Changelly so its kinda limited what coins you can exchange in wallet.

Buy Giftcards

This function let you buy giftcards and mobile topups with your crypto. There really isn’t much more then that to it. You click the buy button. Then you pick your country, and you will then see all things supported in your region. You can only pay using ETH and BTC atm.

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TrustWallet is a mobile only multi wallet. Its packed with features and give you an all in one solution in your hands. Like the other two wallets i will explain you everything below. As said this only comes for mobile on ISO and Android. This mobile app really beat most decentralized mobile wallets.


With Trustwallet you can choose what coins that is pre-added that you want to show. Beside that they support adding costum tokens on 14 different networks. Where most wallets only support ERC20. They also support staking on the different stakeable coins in the wallet. You can find this Option under finance.

Dapp Brwoser.

Trustwallet have a dapp browser. With this browser you can do everything decentralized on the different networks. This support all from TRX, ETH and BSC and much more. You got endless options all from games to DeFi in your hand.

Build In Dex.

The build in dex is done with the use of Binance. You have a instant swap option, or you can add an exchange order. With this you have all coins supported on Binance Dex in your hands. If you do not want to exchange your way, you can always use the Buy function in app. All default coins should be support to buy with your bank card. It simply find the best rate and 3rd party providers for you to buy.

I hope that this have helped you on your way to pick a wallet. Your always wewlcome to check their website if your still not sure or feel like i’ve forgotten some information. If you liked the post please feel free to share it to your socials to support my work.