Well i know about this company from a friend some time ago and even tested it out. Even tho its not as easy as all the other posts i’ve made i still thought it would be a helping hand to have a post made that will help you understand or kinda understand since not all of us will be using the full same system when it comes to mining and would take different mining software that you will need to find your self, tho most mining software is setup the same way.




Whats Prohashing?


Prohashing is a mining pool that let you mine in 16 different algorithm and get paid out in what ever coin you want as long its supported on the platform paid to any wallet you want to use for the payout, but i will talk more about that later in this post. Prohashing comes with a nice detailed UI and information about your mining and earnings you quickly can find under your account menu top right corner of the website.


Payout Settings

Prohashing allow you to add more then one coin to your payout list and write a percentage in each of the box of how much of your payment should go to each coin so if you have 4 coins you want you could write 25% in all 4 of them and share it 25% to each one of them.


The image above isn’t all coin options there is, there is too many to have in one image and dont really want to fill the article with images, so i would suggest you take a look when you are adding the coins you want to be paid in from prohashing to your wallets.



Now its time to setup the miner and it’s not really that hard to do in the end. In this you will be needing a software like Notepad++ but normal notepad will do too which comes with all windows pc’s


1. You will need to find a mining software like fanakoshi miner or one that support the algo you want to mine and your hardware since not all miners support NVIDA or AMD and INTEL, so search around google and figure out what people are using for the hardware you got and the algo you want to mine.


2. When downloaded you need to unzib the miners folder out somewhere you can find it and open it. When you have it open you should see a batchfile called start or useally named after a coin or something other crazy, it all differ from miner to miner. In my case i have one called Start. You will need to right click this file and press edit with Notepad++ or notepad depending on what you have or use.


3. Because i already have used prohasing mine is already written in and mine will be a bit different from most miners, but you will most likely use a line that look more like “stratum+tcp://prohashing.com:3334” where mine use options that you can see in the green text of the image. You will have to setup your miner after your miners setting tho it will somewhat be close to what mine is saying in the photo and just a “stratum+tcp://” instead of -1 as a stratum setting.


4. Now you need to save the things you just changed and you can do that with Ctrl + s and it should save everything before you close it down. Now you just need to double click the file you just edited and a window like the one in the image above this text should open and should start mining and showing you new blocks, shares and how many hashes you are doing.

Most softwares will show a red error message if you have made something wrong and i suggest to talk with the developer or ask the prohashing team since they might now what could be wrong.