Well since a lot of my mining posts have gotten a lot of views and seem to be liked by the readers i’ve decided to make this post on how to get started mining. Not only will this post include places where you can exchange or hold your Vertcoin but will also show how to fully setup your mining with Vertcoin, but honestly its not that hard to setup.


1. First you will need to go to https://vertcoin.org and click on download Vertcoin One-Click Miner, i know that there is already a setup guide there, but hey still gonna make this post. NOW you will see a Download One-Click Miner beside it there is a github link, click on that one and you will be sent to their github page.

2. Here you will have to click on the vNext 2.1 beta2 and then click on vertcoin-ocm-2.1-beta2-windows-x64.zip or what ever fits you the best in this option. When you have downloaded it unzip the .exe in a location you can find it and install it. This can take some minutes to do.


3. When installed you will have this window where you firstly can see your hash rate per second and your possible earnings in 24 hours. Under Send coins you can add your wallet for payout when you have reached a payout amount, tho i havn’t found any place that say anything about a minimum payout.

4. Under settings you can choose if it should start on windows startup, what pool to mine on and all that sort of things, all pools comes with different pool fee’s so you can choose what you want, but have in mind some of them might not have a location in your region.


Wallets and exchanges


Now i told you it was very easy to setup but added a bit more explainer for the people who needed it, now time to tell you where you can exchange and keep your Vertcoin.



  • Coinomi
  • Vertcoin wallet
  • Guada Wallet


  • Bittrex
  • SouthExchange (no KYC)
  • Dove Exchange
  • Safetrade