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Cryptocity.info is open for partnerships, but to make it fair for everyone there is a few kinds of partnerships we do not work with.

We dont want

  • Partnerships limited to only one service (partnerships not allowing promotion of other services like it)
  • Scam investment (HYIP and MLM)
  • Non crypto related partnerships
  • Development partnerships
  • paid listings (on other websites)
  • Selling products on our website partnership.

We do want

  • Paid preomotion partnership (you pay for a post and link backs etc)
  • Promotional and advertising partnership (to help promote the blog)
  • Partnership with other small websites/blogs (helping each other reach more users)
  • Partnerships with Crypto coins or tokens (Coin Spotlights – More Info blow)

The list can grow with time, so if your kind of offer isn’t listed please feel free to still write [email protected] and also if you have any of the offers that we do want on the list please also write us.

Paid Promotion

The paid promotion partnership program we will write a well written with high SEO score to make sure it will get a good amount of views and maybe clicks from other partner websites, search engine traffic and so much more.

Paid promotion can only be paid in the different crypto’s that we do have with our donation page. We do not have a set price right now since your not limited to just one post or a post in general, please take contact to us on our email for more details and cost out from what you want. The more posts you want the cheaper we can do it per post you want.

All paid promotion earnings are used to upgrade our web servers and make our service better.

Coin/Token Partnership and Coin Spotlight

We are always looking to work with coins or tokens and their exciting projects. We do have some simple asks from the different teams that might take this and use it. Since this is 100% free(Donations of your token or coin is welcome) you will have to write a full post about the project containing all the information about the project and all website and social links (Discord, Twitter/X, Telegram and so on).

Have in mind this post cannot be reused from other blogs or press releases and have to be 100% unique and OG.

We will be promoting and posting it on all possible channels and making fitting post graphic( the main image shown on the front page)

We will not accept everyone for the safety of our readers and we will be checking every single token or coin project before we accept them to be posted to the blog

What you need

  • Blog post with 500+ words and different headers for each section.
  • The content have to be a file that is supported by google docs or a google docs link
  • Logo file with no background (.png etc)
  • Images you want in the article and where you want them added (eg give images names and add [Insert name.png here] or something along those lines

To get started shoot us an email at [email protected] and lets have a talk! (We welcome both new and old projects)