I recently covered the top 5 games of BSC. Today i will cover the top 5 games of polygon network. There is so many cool blockchain based games out there to play. However there is a ton of blockchains to cover so it will all be the top 5 of each chain.

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1. Loser Chick

In Loser Chick you become a chick to save the world. Turning the roles around. Making the humans the bad people and the slaves of the chickens. To get a full story i suggest you check out https://loserchick.fi/#/home for more informtaion.

The game comes with 4.5k total users.

You can buy both its tokens at: https://quickswap.exchange/

Get started playing this game here: https://app.loserchick.fi/

2. REVV Racing

Revv Racing is the blockchain game that will test your driving skills. The best driver can win big. It’s fairly easy to get started. You just need to setup your Metamask with Polygon. Then buy your car from their profile on opensea to get a car.

You earn cars that you can sell if you want for a good price.

The game comes with 4.49k users.

Get started playing here: https://www.revvracing.com/

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3. Aavegotchi

Here you get to buy your own Fren. You give it’s own name, and only you own this unique Fren. You however just interacting with your Fren to make it better.

But you can however get it’s native token Ghst from Binance, Kraken and other exchanges.

Game comes with 3.51k users.

Please join and read more here: https://aavegotchi.com/

4. 0xUniverse

Do you like space? Well now you can build spaceships. Explore the galxy and colonize planets. The game comes in a nice poly looking design.

It seem to take use of Poly Ethereum for payments.

Userbase lays around 3.31k players

You can get started and read more here: https://0xuniverse.com/

5. Neon District

The last game on the list is Neon District. This game is a nice looking cyberpunk style RPG. Here you get to fight bad guys and collecting characters.

I couldn’t find any information around native token or where traded.

You can get started and read more here: https://neondistrict.io/about/

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Please comment below what you think should be the next blockchain that has games i should visit.