Today we will be looking into something different. However today will have nothing to do with investing or interest rates. We will be looking in to the website Torum. Torum is a social network for people who love crypto, NFT’s and much more. I will in this post explain you what Torum is and what there is in plans for the future.

You can click any of the links in this article to join Torum.

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Basics Of Torum

Torum is very easy to use for everyone. For example if you already have used twitter and/or Facebook you should be able to learn this quickly. However, this is for people who loves crypto. You will find anything from people doing analytics to people writing content around crypto as well as NFT artists.

Tho Torum is mainly crypto based content there is also space for non crypto related posts like music. Beside that you are free to make the content you want as long its not just spam and just posting ref links and other things that might break the rules and terms of service. Posts and comments like this is just seen as spam and/or miss use of the platform and can give restrictions of your account.

Even tho you might not be the best at English you can set your mother language in the settings and have the translator translate posts for you.

Else there is a lot of new content for Torum to come in the H2 of 2021 that you can look forward to.

It’s yet to be decided what blockchains XTM will be running on.

Torum H2 Strategic Ecosystem Expansion Plan

  • NFT Launchpad: The initial NFT offering platform for projects to issue a set of limited edition NFTs to the community.
  • NFT Marketplace: The first social-infused NFT marketplace with the ability to market NFTs to the users of Torum.
  • Airdrop: A premium section for projects to conduct airdrops to the Torum community.
  • News: A one-stop news and information aggregator for projects. 
  • Torumgram: A bridge that connects Telegram groups and channels to Torum.
  • Lounge: An audio-only board to conduct AMA and close-engaging events.

Well Backed Project

Torum have been backed by now 20+ investors. However as late they added a new investor known as Huobi Ventures. You have most likely heard the name from the Huobi Exchange. That is also because Huobi Ventures is a subsidiary of Huobi Exchange.

Torum have a great future ahead with all the backing investors and features to come to the platform in the future.

Website Functions

Now it’s time to explain a bit about how the website is working and where to find everything. So you will know everything when you join Torum.

Posts And Threads

As you can see in the image above in the red square. Here you will be controlling what you see on your feed. From the top left you will only see the posts of who you follow and the top right if you brave enough posts from people you do not follow. Thats how you can find new exciting Landers to follow for their content.

Beside that you can filter what you want to see on both. Below it you have the functions to see everything, just posts or threads. Threads are what are posted within clans that i will explain more about later in this post.


It’s easy to find new exciting landers to follow. can always check the Active Landers section on the right side of the website. You can click on their name to go to their profile and check what they post about and follow them. You can also go the brave way and just follow people without checking by clickign the follow button.

To gain new followers you just need to be active. Post content that people will like and comment some good things on topic of the posts you comment on. Spam/ref hunting will not give you a lot of followers.

You can also click the Companies section in the menu and follow the companies you want to follow and get it on your feed.

Post Spreading

Spreading is the way you share other Landers posts on your profile for your followers to see. Tho a lot of new Landers seem to not always know when a post is shared and not shared. If the post is light grey like in the image above its spread. You can however also just look for the blue/green arrow you see beside my username in the image.

You can spread, like and comment with the buttons you see at the end of the image like on other social networks.


Here you can find the clans. This is basicly groups for all sorts of topics. Anyone who want to can make their own clan. However to make a clan you will have to pay using the native token of Torum. The cost to make clans is to battle people making clans to farm shards and other things to miss use the platform.

There is a ton of clans so you should be able to find a clan for your interests.


With missions you are rewarded for being active. However there is talks to remove this on a later stage because they want to make Torum so you come for Torum and the community and not just because you can earn XTM. People who miss use this function in form of spamming comments and posts just to earn the token will most likely be restricted from earning the token.

You have your daily missions that you can do every single day. Then you have your weekly that reset every 7 days. At last you have One time missions that can only be done once. However some of the one time missions do have more then one stage.

You will need to earn atleast 500 XTM to unlock your wallet for later withdrawals or other use like gifts that you can give to content creators.

This do not include XTM earned from referrals or gifts received by other Landers and only what you earn from Missions.


The Torum team is very active in the fight of spammers and scammers. This makes the community a nice and safe place for everyone. However they have a big help from the most active Landers of the community that is very happy to report spammers and scammers to help make the platform a better place for everyone. It doesn’t pay to scam or spam.

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We are very close to the end of this article. However i will still explain a few more things. As you can see on the image above. The sidebar of the main feed is where you find all the active companies and suggested clans. You will also find trending hashtags if you scroll down a bit more.

All the links in this article is referral links and you will gain 35 XTM when you have verified your email and phone number. But i will however use the XTM i get from this article to giveaway to the community in due time.

I will be happy to help new users. You do have my username from the images in the post. Just find me and write me a message on the platform with your question and i will do what i can to help you.

Remember if you liked this post please share it to your socials for more people to see. This will support my content a lot and Torums mission for this amazing project they are building.