This post will not only be about coins that have the POS algo. This will however also include coins that have some sort of POS Algo. These coins will earn you money while you sleep. You do not have any reason not to use POS coins since they take no mining and earn you money while you do nothing.

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This project is a coin with a great future. The highest staking reward with this one comes from Mycointainer(10.7% yearly). This project have however focused a lot in scale, fast, secure and censorship resistant. With this blockchain you can do 50,000 transactions per second. They even invite you to try break Solana.

With Solana you can build any decentralized app you want. Its comes with very low fees regardless the price growth it had as late. Right now the avg fee is $0.00025 per transaction.



Cardano is one of the coins that had a huge change as late. With adding staking and so many new things. It had a huge growth since all the changes. However i added this to the list because of the huge roadmap they have. In the future there will be much more added.

This include a huge roadmap with smart contracts and more. I will however suggest you take a look at their roadmap. This coin have a good future and with a good growth.

You can stake this with staking pools.


Band Protocol

Band Protocol is a decentralized oracle network. Its build to support cross chain data and be able to fulfil data requests. Band is the native token of Band Protocol. This token is needed for validators to forful data requests on the blockchain. This coin can be staken in Atomic Wallet at 17% per year.

This project sits with a ton of coin partners, validators and big exchanges. However i suggest you to have a look at their website.


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Cosmos (ATOM)

Cosmos the internet of blockchains as it calls it self. It helps you build a decentralized blockchain of your own with a worldwide community. It helps to develop everything with just a few command lines. However i suggest you take a read on their website for all information needed. Again Mycointainer have a good yearly rate on this coin.



Algorand is another decentralized blockchain. Its working on building the borderless economy. It comes with instant secure transfers as well as smart contracts. This coin comes however only with 5.2% a year on Mycointainer. Tho this coin is still below $10 per coin and might be a good coin to get started with before it grows a lot more.

However do your research on their website.


This is the coins i wanted to include in todays post. However i want you all to do your own research and not take this as an advice. I am far from financial advisor and will never be. I can only say what i think and its up to you to do the research.

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