So today i will give you a better look into This place allow you to buy blockchain domains that is ending on ETH or crypto or any of the 10 other TLD’s. This comes instead of a normal .com domain you normally see.

With you can buy 10 different TLD’s. All prices depending on your TLD and other things. That means your own personal domain can be between $10 and $1000. I’ve personally gotten caltv93.wallet on the polygon chain for only $20 one time.

Its pretty easy to get started with You just sign up for the website. You go to domain search and search for your domain and TLD. Then you just pay using your card, paypal or the different cryptocurrency options they support.

Then after a bit you are a proud owner of your own blockchain domain.

Now you are more like okay what can i now use this for. Well i will get to that very soon dont worry. You have options you can use it for eg receiving crypto payments with wallets supporting these domains.

Setting Up Your Domain

So for this part it takes you have one of web3 wallets that support for this. We will need to take use of the Polygon chain to mint your domain after you got it. So if you havn’t setup your Metamask for polygon please see the read more article.

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1. Minting

When you are logged into your account. There you should go under domains and then my domains. From here you should see your domain and have the option to mint your domain.

Since i’ve already minted mine i can’t show you, however it should be straight forward to do this.

Just make sure to pick metamask. Then you login on the polygon chain and then click accept to the things and you set.

2. Manage Your Domain

Here you will have to do about the same as you did for your minting. Click on manage and you should see this page.

The very first part called profile is where you can make your domain more personal and what information will be on the blockchain. The domain page will look something like this. CLICK HERE.

3. Adding Wallets

Now the crypto section is the fun section for me. This is the section where you get to add all your wallets to your domain you like. over 127 applications support these domains so people can send you crypto this way easy with one single domain.

Now this is fairly easy, you just scroll down to the Add Currency and find the one you want and click Confirm Changes after setting wallet. However wait with confirming changes to you have added all of them. Everytime you confirm a change it will go on to the polygon blockchain to be confirmed.

Good thing is most tokens are supported for all networks. You can however see more from my domain page.

4. Starting A Website

Well the last important part is building a website. However this is not required if you like me just want to use the domain for something else. I don’t know a whole lot about how they do it here.

I know the first one gonna be very simple templates containing standard portfolio and about me pages that will be on your domain. However can also get a for sale page or coming soon. The option for a blog on the blockchain is still in the works from their side of things.

When it comes to the rest i think its a good idea to talk with about what they are and the possibility of use.

However i know when i can i will get a decentralized version of my blog with

I know its been a while since my last article. However there is good reasons for it, tho personal health reasons. I should be back slowly again for more posts in the future. However if you liked this post please feel free to share on your socials. This will help me blog and content grow a lot.