So in this post will i give you some options for crypto interest accounts. All of these give a higher interest rate then any bank in the world. You do not need to be rich to get any sort of return from your money with these places. Tho some of them will take you add $100 dollars or more depending on the crypto/fiat.

I have already made posts with some of them that i will include in this post if you want a more detailed post. I will only include information on interest rates and more in this post.

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I think that Stakecube will be the one with the highest rate in this post. Tho the amount of coins with interest rates are low they still average 2% higher rate per year then most. Beside having interest on a few coins Stakecube is a staking pool with an exchange. You will get 0.001% exstra interest per SCC masternode you host with them.

Stakecube supports also the lowest amount out there needed to start earning interests as shown below.

  • Bitcoin – 7.572% Yearly – Min 0.00050000 BTC
  • Dash – 7.572% Yearly – Min 0.05 Dash
  • Litecoin – 7.572% Yearly – Min 0.05 LTC
  • Dogecoin – 7.572% Yearly – Min 1000 Doge
  • Stakecube Coin – 7.572% Yearly – Min 20 SCC

There is no min amount for depositing to your wallet on Stakecube, so if you in case earn crypto from faucets or get paid to sites. You can use these wallets as withdrawal addresses. Beside that there is no withdrawal fee’s from Stakecube to a normal wallet or other sites.

Only fee’s comes from Shared masternodes and exchange fee’s. This site do not take KYC.


This is a more like banking solution just with crypto. Coinloan is one of the biggest interest and crypto loan websites out there. Tho Coinloan do come with min deposits and high min for its interest account it still support a lot more crypto. The interest rate is a bit lower on crypto here. But you can grow it with 2% if staking 2500 CLT(Coinloan Token).

Crypto Interest

  • Bitcoin – 5.2% Interest, 7.2% with staking CLT
  • Bitcoin Cash – 5.2% Interest, 7.2% with staking CLT
  • Ethereum – 5.2% Interest, 7.2% with staking CLT
  • Litecoin – 5.2% Interest, 7.2% with staking CLT
  • Monero – 5.2% Interest, 7.2% with staking CLT
  • Coinloan Token – 0% Interest
  • Ripple – 5.2% Interest, 7.2% with staking CLT
  • Chainlink – 5.2% Interest, 7.2% with staking CLT
  • Stellar Lumens – 5.2% Interest, 7.2% with staking CLT
  • Wrapped Bitcoin – 5.2% Interest, 7.2% with staking CLT

Stable Coins Interest

  • TUSD – 10.3% Interest, 12.3% with staking CLT
  • USDC – 10.3% Interest, 12.3% with staking CLT
  • PAX – 10.3% Interest, 12.3% with staking CLT
  • USDT – 10.3% Interest, 12.3% with staking CLT
  • DAI – 10.3% Interest, 12.3% with staking CLT
  • BUSD – 10.3% Interest, 12.3% with staking CLT
  • PAXG – 5.2% Interest, 7.2% with staking CLT

Fiat Interest

  • USD ( Is turned into USDT when deposited)
  • EUR – 10.3% Interest, 12.3% with staking CLT
  • GBP – 10.3% Interest, 12.3% with staking CLT
  • RUB – 8.3% Interest, 10.3% with staking CLT

Min amounts range between $100 and $5000 depending on coin and fiat. Please check “Help Center” for min deposits, fee’s and more. This place require KYC.


With Nexo its a bit different, but kinda also the same as Coinloan. Tho Nexo is very much build on staking Nexo tokens to gain a much higher percentage. The more Nexo tokens you got the higher Loyalty bonus do you get. The highest bonus takes 10% of your portfolio on Nexo is its native token.

If you choose to get paid in Nexo tokens you will automaticly gain 2% more per year in interest rates. Here is the standard rates below.

Nexo Standard Interest Rates

  • Bitcoin – 4% Yearly
  • Ethereum – 4% Yearly
  • Nexo token – 7% Yearly
  • Ripple – 4% Yearly
  • USDT(ETH) – 8% Yearly
  • USDC(ETH) – 8% Yearly
  • Paxos(ETH) – 8% Yearly
  • TrueUSD(ETH) – 8% Yearly
  • DAI(ETH) – 8% Yearly
  • HUSD(ETH) – 8% Yearly
  • USD(FIAT) – 4% Yearly
  • EUR(FIAT) – 4% Yearly
  • GBP(FIAT) – 4% Yearly
  • Bitcoin Cash – 4% Yearly
  • Litecoin – 4% Yearly
  • EOS – 4% Yearly
  • PAXG – 4% Yearly
  • Cardano – 4% Yearly
  • Chainlink – 4% Yearly
  • Polkadot – 4% Yearly
  • Tron – 4% Yearly

As you can see the interest rates are not the highest. Tho you can grow them a lot more if you want at a higher cost investing into Nexo tokens. This site do require KYC.

Kraken Exchange

Kraken is an exchange that support the US of A. There wont be a ton of interest options here since most is staking coins. This site mainly trading between fiat and crypto tho do support crypto to crypto trading. There isn’t really much else to write about Kraken.

Kraken Interest Rates

  • EUR(FIAT) – 1.5% Yearly
  • USD(FIAT) – 2% Yearly
  • Bitcoin – 0.28% Yearly

Thats all the interest rates there is to it. They are very low compared to most. I still wanted to include it to give all of you an option to choose. This exchange require KYC.

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Would need to include Binance in this. They have so many savings programs i wont be able to list all 112 of them. I would recommend for you to sign up to Binance and check your self under the Finance section. This require KYC.

Binance Interest Rates

I hope that this post have helped you to choose a place to grow your portfolio while you HODL. I choose all the once i think is the best options for you. All of the links support me and is affiliate links. I’ve given you some of my profit on some of the links where its possible so you can earn more.

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