In todays post we will take use of more then one site. You can pick which ways you will do it your self. The idea is using the HODL methode. While you HODL it will still grow while you work on the other sites.

There is really no excuse if you can stay away from using the crypto. This will help you grow your amount of Litecoin, Bitcoin, Dash and Dogecoin.

All sites in this article is trusted sites.

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Stakecube – The main site

Stakecube will be the main site behind this whole thing. The reason behind this is that it has no limitations. That said it means you can deposit any amount to your wallets. Tho there is a minimum amount for interest rates they are still the lowest on the market. For all four coins said in the start there is one of the highest rates of 7.572% a year. This is about 2% more then most interest sites do that have min deposits.

Min For Interests

  • Bitcoin – Min 0.0005 
  • Litecoin – Min 0.05
  • Dogecoin – Min 1000
  • Dash – Min 0.05
  • Stakecube Coin – Min 20

Now you might ask, what about the Stakecube Coin. Well i didn’t include it since you can only buy it with other crypto and not get it for free anywhere. This exchange do not take KYC.

Getting Started

  1. Firstly you will need to signup to an account with Stakecube by clicking any of the links in the stakecube section.

2. When logged in click on the green plus icon as shown in the image to create your wallet/wallets.

3. Now go back to the wallet section if your not already. Click on the arrow down to get your deposit address that you will be needing or keep the QR code up for deposits. Tho you will be needing it all through this.

Now below this i will give you both free and non free options to keep building your crypto. You can use all the sites if you want, but up to you.

Paid Options

These first options will take that you buy the crypto you want with your bank card. This will be taking you do KYC to use your bank card to buy crypto. I know its not everyone who can do this and why i will include free ways too.


If you ask me this will surely be your best bet for buying crypto with your card. Coinbase have some of the lowest card fees on the market when it comes to buying crypto using your bank card. You just have to do some quick KYC to unlock buying with card and withdrawal to paypal/bank account.

If you choose to use my link there is $10 exstra if you buy/sell for $100 or more. Then you can also use the coinbase earn function and exchange everything from that into the coin you want and send it to Stakecube for interest rates.

Kraken Exchange

Kraken is a good option for people from USA. Here you should be able to buy with card or deposit using bank transfer. If you do deposit with bank transfer you will have to use the exchange to buy. You will by standard have to do KYC for this exchange to do about anything.

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Binance is also a good place to buy your crypto using card. They have 3 ways to buy crypto. First will be buying directly from Binance. Second will be P2P ordering funding your fiat wallet. and third will be using third party gateways. If you are not sure how to use Binance please check my article here.

Paid Methode

When you are buying crypto its a very simple methode for this. First you will need to set your max amounts you can buy for each month, week or day. Everytime you buy one of the cryptos above you just send it to your Stakecube Wallet. With time this will then grow very big. You will each day get 0.02% of the amount in your wallet.

If you do choose to HODL for a lot of years it will end up being a ton of money that only will be growing. For Litecoin and Dash you would need around 1000 of each to make about $100 a day. Dogecoin you would need 2.5 million doge for $100 a day. For Bitcoin you would need to store 0.56 BTC.

All these numbers are if the price stays the same. Higher the price the less you need.

Free Options

Now for the options that is for everyone and them who can’t buy crypto. These options do take you are consistent with it. Its far from get rich quick and only small amounts. However if you work hard or get lucky you will be able to pull out a good amount each month.


I have already made a post on Bucksify. If you would like to read it you can click here. To repeat i will be explaining a bit here of what Bucksify is. However, this site is not for everyone. Beside that its one of the highest paying offerwall service out there. While that it also let you withdraw in six different crypto and a ton of giftcard options.

Free Faucets

Because of there is more then one faucet in this i will be doing this a bit differently. Free faucets have one of the biggest faucets lines out there. To clarify, all their sites together share in total over 2 million users spread across all sites. While their biggest and first site sits on almost 900,000 users alone.

All their sites support surveys and roll faucet where you can win up to $300 every hour.

Free Methode

There isn’t really that much to this. All you need to do is withdraw all you earn to your Stakecube wallets. You just need to keep going and never give up and is where most people fail when it comes to earning free crypto. There is nothing as getting rich quick when it comes to crypto. Any site promising you that is a scam.

I hope this post helped you a bit on ways to keep growing your crypto without spending it. There is other interest sites (you can see them on my site) but most of them have a min of $100+ before you can get interests. You are more then welcome to check the other posts and learn about them.

There is more free options, but i do not want to make the post too long.

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