Today we will have a look into Slice, the service that pay you for browsing the internet. It’s very simply to sign up to Slice and install one browser plugin to get started. So far i know the plugin works in Youtube and google, but again not tested all possible places. However twitch creators can sign up for a 50% share with Slice.

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Right now you can only use Paypal or Bitcoin with Zebedee bitcoin wallet to withdraw. However we might soon see you can withdraw using Visa, tho i’m not sure how that would work. That could mean a Visa pre-paid or directly transfer to your card. We will have to see first before we actually know.

There is however a 30 days wait for any new Slice accounts before they can do their first withdrawal. This is done to prevent possible fraud. That said if you click any of the Slice names in the article you will get 100 free slices after being active for 30 days. I will not get my Slices before that either.

How Are Ads Shown

There is different ways ads are shown and i will include google search and youtube below in images. This way you can have an idea. It’s best to use this with Brave browser so you also can on the same time block youtube/google ads.

Youtube Ads

Most of the time ads are shown on the right side of a video. However sometimes you will also see a banner below the video. The more you watch the video not full screen the bigger chances you have for new ads to show and earn more with Slice.

Google Search Ads

You will find one to two banners ads per page when you search normally. So the longer you search the possible more you can earn while from ads you barely notice. These ads shown do not track you or anything like google ads does and you have full privacy. These ads are either affiliate banners or advertisers working with Slice.

How Are Ads Served

As shown in the image is ads served by this little tab in your browser. Unblocking that one from your adblocker will make it show ads regardless of the websites you have blocked. So even if you have Youtube blocked for ads it can still show ads from Slice Network. It’s generally non annoying ads and you are paid to watch them by casually browsing the internet.

I have personally already earned a lot more per 1000 views then any advertising network have given any of my websites. I have watched a little over 500 ads doing what i normally would do and almost hit 20 cents.

Personally i hope you will try out Slice. If you for some reason do not like it you can easy uninstall the plugin and they wont show anymore. But if you do like it then you do support me a ton using Slice. I do get a one time 1000 Slices if you have used the service for 30 days.