A lot of people do not like doing KYC. This is why i’ve taken up looking into exchanges without KYC. This is to help everyone find an exchange they will like. But first! have you seen our last post? Biswap – The Revolutionary DeFi Project. This post will include all sort of exchanges. All from DeFi to centralized exchanges.

Biswap DeFi

I couldn’t make a post like this without including Biswap. Not only is it decentralized on BSC, but also using Metamask or Binance Chain wallet. Beside swapping you can also earn with Biswap using farms. If you want to understand how to operate Biswap look at my latest post.

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BTCSquare is an no kyc exchange by Pluracoin. This exchange has been up since 2018 and been growing a lot since. It has a fair amount and trade as well coin pairs. You have the option to buy crypto with your bank card, but is done with a 3rd party the might take KYC.

BDCash Exchange

This exchange is very new, but made by the BigDataCash team. Right now you can only trade listed coins with BDCash. But BDCash Exchange have plans to add more pairs as well as paypal for buying and selling. Most of the coins on there is proof of stake but Bitcoin is to be added and Dogecoin is already on the platform.

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even tho its not fully free for KYC and unlimited i had to include Txbit. You can still trade all you want, but your daily withdrawal is limited. This exchange let you buy memberships to take down your trading fee all the way to 0%. It supports a ton of coins and trading pairs. There is something for everyone.


Changenow is one of my favourite instant exchanges. It supports a ton of coins which is all paired together. They got a low min required compared to other instant exchanges. Each exchange you do will not take more then 2 minutes and has low fee’s.

Just pick what you send and what you want in return, set your receiving address and send crypto to theirs.

I hope that this post helped people find a place with no KYC and special for those who live a palce its hard to do KYC from. You can also simply just hate KYC as i do my self. Remember sharing my posts help my work a lot so please share to any social network!