Sadly its an everday story people losing their bitcoin or crypto over all to all sorts of scams out there that you quickly can lose all your money to. It is what it is, all these get rich quick investment platforms and cloud mining sites are 99.99% of the time scam and is only made to steal peoples money.

Then you might say “But its paying” well yea its doing that right now, but thats how it makes people referral more people to the scams so they can steal a lot more then your $20 you put into the site.

Instead of all these big scams i’ve made a list of sites where its safe to put your money to gain more, and yes i know its not a get rich quick, but we have to realise whats real and whats not real… there is nothing that is gonna give you 1% or above a day since there is no way that they could pull that up with cloud mining or trading for that sake.


Binance is a very good place to put your money when it comes to earning interest on your crypto, but hold on Binance actually have two ways you can earn on your crypto and let it grow and it should get that covered in just a second. But first click on any of the blue Binance links to sign up for the site and enjoy 10% off all your trading fees!

Anyway back on track, Binance have two ways you can earn. The first is Binance Earn where you add your crypto for what they call “staking” but not real staking as a proof of stake but more an interest rate like a bank would have just for crypto instead. This part comes with two kinds one is guaranteed and the other high yield. The guaranteed is the safest option and an guaranteed rate that you are sure to earn per year of you deposited crypto.

These comes in different terms depending on what crypto and product within the “staking” and can go from flexible (withdraw anytime) or a locked period up to 90 days.

Then there is the high yield section of Binance earn, here you will find information on what you can earn on liquid swap (DeFi liquidy pool) and Dual investment, which sadly isn’t running at the moment, but also the amount invested in that is more for whales anyway.

While your crypto is at Binance its also covered by their theft insurance to add the exstra security on your crypto assets.

If you are yet to have any crypto assets you can always buy crypto directly at Binance using your bank card and fill it directly that way.


Biswap is a DeFi swap where that is 3 ways to earn a bit on your cryptocurrencies. Biswap is a dex running on BSC and have recently made a partnership with one of the biggest crypto casinos out there Betfury. Please click any of the links to support me and get 2.5% back in BSW from all the fees on the exchange which is half of my 5% i could have made.

Firstly with Biswap you can earn providing liquidy to the decentralized exchange like you would normally with any DeFi swap out there. You can pick the two pairs that you want to deposit no matter if its BSW and bnb or other coins/tokens on the site.

Second option is the lunchpool which right now only let you “stake” the BSW token, but its with 1165.69% a year.

Lastly there is the farm, here its all pre set yearly returns and pairs, but all you need is LP wich is liquidy points you get from providing liquidy and you can add it to any of farms as you want. Your return will be given in the BSW token which isn’t too bad considering the price of the token currently.


Coinbase is a bit more boring then the other two sites, they only giving me the option to reward you with a $10 after you buy or sell atleast $100 worth of crypto with my link, all paid in Bitcoin.

So what can you do on Coinbase that will let you earn more on your crypto you might ask. Well coinbase is one of the services that have staking support for some of the staking coins they have listed including ETH 2.0 (not available in all regions).

You can stake as said ETH 2.0 (no min and daily reward), Algorand (min 0.01 and rewarded daily), Cosmos (min 1 ATOM and rewarded everey 7 days) and lastly we have Tezos which takes atleast 1 tezos to stake and its rewarded every 3 days.

The good thing about this is that your crypto isn’t locked at any point and you can withdraw/sell it as you want and even better you can fill up your portfolio of these coins all you want by buying directly with your card on Coinbase.


Stakecube is something different from the rest and is an all in solution for staking pool and exchange. With Stakecube you have a lot of ways to earn on the site in form of staking pool, shared masternodes and interests of your crypto coin.

Firstly the normal staking for the different staking coins on Stakecube all you need to do is deposit to the wallet and let it sit and it will automaticly stake and reward you everytime the pool stake. you will get your % share of the pool everytime the pool is staking.

Second option is buying shares in shared masternodes on Stakecube and you get a share of the masternode depending on the price of the share and how much you deposit to take part in the masternode. If you take Dash masternodes you will have to deposit 0.25 Dash per share you want.

Last option to earn on Stakecube is the interests accounts that you can find more information about by clicking the wallet and go to the interest tab on the supported coins eg Dash and Bitcoin where you also will find min amount for having interests on your crypto.

Its easy to get any of the staking coins either way since they are all on the build in exchange, all you need to do is deposit one of the many supported coin pairs from the exchange and start buying.


This is a bit different then all the other sites i’ve added to this article, but this time we have an exchange, crypto visa card and much more into one site/app. Firstly i got a reward for you if you do whats needed to get this reward, by joining by clicking my link and do the KYC to get $25 worth of CRO which is their own native token. Now these tokens will be locked untill you have staked enough CRO for the Ruby steel card in the image above, but hey you earn 2% of what you spend online and offline with the card plus 100% cashback on your spotify.

Anyway with you will need to stake CRO to get better staking and interest reward. You will be able to gain up to 14% per year with earn program but it takes that you are staking between 1 or 40,000 CRO to grow your per year % where 40,000 or more is needed for the highest % of interest but you will either way make 6% per year off your CRO you stake. do support most of the crypto listed on their exchange for staking and interest rewards and its easy to fill both your crypto and card account with the use of your local bank card to fill your crypto card or just one of your balances of crypto.

But while you at it juest keep growing your CRO stake and unlock much better cards and earn even more CRO when you shop that you can add to staking.

Now thats all the servicess i could think about right now that could help you earn a lot more instead of losing your money to scam sites and you wont have to worry about when it will turn scam and stress your self over it. Dont get stressed, let your crypto work for you!

I’ve tried to give you all the best services with good rewards for you and not just me alone and if not shared half my profits with you in form of cheaper exchange fees or cashback to help you out big time while still supporting my work on fighting scams and actually earn you money instead of making you lose it.