So in my series of post around better investments and staking to avoid scams, i will keep making these posts to help users avoid scam investments where they will lose their money instead. So today because Stakecube has so much to offer i’ve chosen to give it a post for it self to explain a lot more about this amazing site that has so much to offer for its costumers.

You seriously need to stop posting scam investing and cloud mining sites promising 1% or more a day which aint possible in any way, so just take 99.99% of all those sites as scams and fully ignore them, only way we can stop scams is to take away its users.



Stakecube offers a big range of Proof of stake and Proof of work coin wallets all secure and you can just add the coins you want to have in your account so you only will be seeing the once you use. All you need to do is click the big green plus sign on the website and start adding the wallets in the new window you want to use.

Every coin will have some icons out by the Bitcoin price which will explain if its on the exchange, supports shared masternodes, can be staken or support the interest rates which some of the coins comes with.



On Stakecube there is a well made exchange system which comes with very low exchange fee’s and support all the coins that is listed on the site with a ton of different pairs that all have full orders so you can buy and sell anytime you want to the coins you want. This make it easy for everyone who just want to enter the staking game, they can just deposit any of the pairs and buy the proof of stake coin that they want and directly start staking in their Stakecube wallet



With staking pools you get your share of the pool as a reward, so if you have 1% of the coins pool then you will get 1% everytime the pool makes a stake on the blockchain. So lets say the coin block reward is 1000 coins then you would gete 10 of those coins with your 1% directly into your stakecube wallet. It will be a lot less if you where solo staking from a HD wallet installed on your computer, but with a pool there most likely will be a lot more stakes in a day plus you do not need to keep a wallet open 24/7 just to catch every single stake there is. You can deposit any amount and get started really, there is no listed min and has 0% fees so all stakes goes to the community!


Interest Rates

Stakecube also as said earlier with coins with interest rates and all you have to do there is deposit min amount and it will automaticly just give you a 7.572% a year from HODL your coins in your wallet. The coins that is supported is as following below.

  • Bitcoin – Min 0.0005 
  • Litecoin – Min 0.05
  • Dogecoin – Min 1000
  • Dash – Min 0.05
  • Stakecube Coin – Min 20

These min for interest rates are a lot lower then most exchanges and other places and gives the chance for a person who can’t afford a ton every month for investments to get started earning interest rates and its so much better then your local banks rates for sure.

You can also grow the interest rate with 0.001% per SCC masternode you are hosting on the platform up to max 0.01% exstra in interest rate. (also 0.01% off exchange fees to max 0.05%)


Community driven

The coins that are listed on Stakecube is voted on by its community, any coin who reach a min 1000 votes will be listed in the new month after the month it got the 1000 votes required. Also comes with some faucets where you can claim small amounts of different staking coins as well as non staking coins like bitcoin, some filled by Stakecube and others by the community.

The team and community is very active and much have happened in the time i’ve been on the site the past almost 2 years and i can say its fully worth your time to use this site for stakes and interest rates and so much more.

The coin Stakecube Coin is the native Proof of stake coin of the site and it comes with a good price point too.