So people really loved my post on Proof of stake and how to stake them that i thought about making a post that include some of these proof of stake coins not only to help these coins but also help people find new coin projects that they could get behind and support.

I have taken time to read about these coins and i wouldn’t add them to this post if i didn’t think they could bring something to the table, i do know there come out new coins all the time and a lot of them really useless to say the least, so the coins in this post will have some sort of usecase that can help the coin grow in price.



This coin project is not only a proof of stake coin they are also in the doge family! This coin have a very dedicated team behind it, they also support charity and not working for profits. Tho they have made some things that let you use the coin beside charity with their streamlabs like site where streamers can take dogecash tips with on stream notifications, they also have a wordpress plugin so you can take Dogecash on your webstore! Dogecash do also come with a fair pricepoint.

Dogecash is listed on some exchanges as well as one staking pool Stakecube which also function as one exchange with a ton of pairs so if you just wanna stake in pool you can just deposit any of the support pair coins and buy them in exchange and stake right away in your stakecube wallet.






This coin is a POS coin that focus on storage solutions, tho it have lately spread it wings and even added its own faucet and their very own Exchange BDCash where currently you exchange between BDCash and other coins (mainly POS coins) which is fairly new and growing, tho not the biggest amount of trade going on yet on the exchange, tho all exchanges are between BDCash and other coins, and all exchange fee’s are paid in BDCash unless withdrawal fees for the blockchain which will be in the coin you withdraw.

They are exchanged on Crex24 and listed on the staking pool Coinstake.





Simple Software Solutions

This coin have focus on blockchain solutions as well as building a global decentralized and distribution of data store in the cloud, its a coin with an active team that really have set them self up to build something big. You can get this coin from exchanges as Crex24 and others and is easy for people to get their hands on. I would really recommend you to visit their website to read all about what they are working on to get a good feeling and a ton of information about the project.





If you are a gamer you will love this one for sure. Zenzo is working on building their Zenzo arcade that wanna bring together gamers and crypto into one big marketplace where discount games will be sold as digital copy and all paid for in cryptocurrency while also introducing retro games as well as new indie games to the platform all sold by approved vendors. I surely would recommend you to go to their website to read a lot more about this project to get a bigger understanding and give you a even bigger reason why you should HODL this coin in your wallet or on Stakecube for staking!






This project combine all the best into one solution all from staking, masternodes and swapping as well as gift cards but also support more then just staking coins for swap like Bitcoin and so on. But beside staking you can also start your masternode for $0.10/day which is pretty cheap for a masternode server compared to if you wanted to set everything up your self with some server host that easy could cost atleast $10 or more a month. Beside that you can swap your crypto profits right away or spend it on gift cards in app. You can also manage everything in web by scanning a QR code in your web browser with the app to login.




So this was just some coins out of many, the proof of stake market is huge and i’m sure if you look around for nice projects you will be able to quickly find it, you could take a look at stakecube for eg for the proof of stake coins listed there and visit their website for more information and expand your POS portfolio with time.

If you know about other cool coins feel free to post them in the comments, but please do not any referral links in the comments since they will be removed and you blocked for future posting comments on my posts.

Thanks again for reading and i will already try figure out a new article for you guys to read that you would love!