Well since people loved my posts on mining i would just like to give people a second way to earn a passive income tho you would need to invest some money into the coin you want to start staking, but in the long wrong it will still be a lot cheaper then having your system mining 24/7 and will take a lot of less power to run.

With Proof of stake you do not need to have your wallet running 24/7 but keep it running everytime your on your PC or find staking pools where you can add your coins for staking and i will include all the options there is out there to stake your coins.

Have in mind, there is different kinds of staking coins where coins like PIVX and Dogecash is not like Tron which is not like Tezos either, tho the only thing they really have in commen is they all are stakeable in their own ways.

You can find out if a coin is stakeable by reading on the coins website, eg Proof of work coins like Bitcoin and Litecoin is not stakeable.


Staking Pools


Coinbase is one option for automated staking pool that let you stake Tezos and Cosmos and if in the right region Ethereum 2.0 network just by having your crypto in your coinbase wallet, beside that you can quickly buy more with your credit/debit card on coinbase aswell as exchange crypto into fiat and later back again or get it transfered to your bank account. If you signup with my link (click the blue coinbase) you will be given $10 worth of Bitcoin when you either sell or buy $100 worth of crypto!


Stakecube is a multi function staking pool that have a build in exchange that let you exchange between crypto coins like bitcoin, dogecoin and litecoin with all the other coins that are staking coins. All you have to do to stake is open a staking wallet  and fill it (as shown in image)


Beside a being a staking pool and exchange it also have faucets either filled by stakecube them self or community filled faucets that you can get from each single day as long they are full of crypto. The pool only add coins voted on by the community so you are always sure to get the coins listed that you want to stake.


Coinstake is one of the newer pools out there which function as a staking pool but also a faucet that reward you every hour in the coin you choose to claim. the faucets are filled by the small stake fee that the pool has on withdrawals and so on. But beside that it has a big amount of different staking coins and good affiliate rewards!


I know there is a lot more staking pools out there, but these pools are the once i like and think are some of the better pools out there, you are fully free to do your own research for pools, but with everything crypto you need to make sure they are not there for scam like the pools i have linked in this article is not there for scam and have been working for a very long time.


Staking in Wallet


The other option you have is to download the wallet of the coin and fund it with the min required amount for staking, if you dont know what it is then i suggest that you join the community channels of the coin and ask around there for what amount is needed to start staking, tho a lot of coins do have min 100 coins to start staking. Have in mind you wont stake right away since your coins will have to mature on the blockchain first and its different from coin to coin how long that is and can range between 30 minutes to 24 hours before your coins will stake in wallet.

You can have the wallet online 24/7 if that what you want or just while your using your PC, but you will most likely have more stakes if you keep your wallet running 24/7, tho is why i suggest to use a pool instead since you do not have to have a wallet running at all, but you wont have your own wallet keys for a staking pool like you will for a wallet, so its fully up to you what you like.


Buying Stake Coins

Not all pools have a build in exchange, but if you know the coin you want to exchange you can always find the exchanges where the coin are listed by searching a coin on coingecko or coinmarketcap and check under markets where the different exchanges are listed where the market caps are getting their data from to show the price of the coin.

Always check all the markete cap sites because it will be different from each marketcap what exchanges are listed on each of them since all of them have different exchange requirements and exchanges have to apply for listing on each of them, so just to make sure you get to use the exchange you want please check them all first.


One exchange you could get some staking coins from is Exchange BDCash that is an exchange that let you trade using Bigdatacash to buy other coins (you can buy Bigdatacash on Crex24) tho its a fairly new exchange so the amount of trade is not yet a lot but you can always set your order and provide liquidy to someone sell their coin to you on the exchange.


I think i’ve remembered everything in this post, if you know other ways (please do not post ref links to staking pools below, comments will be deleted) or if you know good staking coins please recommend the names of the coins below in this post.