Because i’ve been asked a lot about if its possible to send a token to their trust wallet. I’ve decided it was time for this post. Today i will be using the XTM token contract to show how you can do it. It wont take much time to do and is very easy to get started. If you do not know what Trustwallet is please read more here

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1. Getting started

Firstly you will have to open up your app. From there you will have to click on the two lines with circles on them to get to the next stage.

On the next page you can manage any wallets that you want showing. Tho here you will have to scroll all the way down to you see “Add Costum Token”. Please click on that to get to the next page.

Now you are on the important page. The marked area is where you can click to change the network of the token. You can pick Ethereum (standard) or smart chain as it is called in trust wallet (BEP20).

Under Contract address put: 0x443cab9583b83eaa7a712c9d64525e57e2a7eb3f (BEP20)

Name: Torum

Symbol: XTM

Decimals: 18

All the information above is just to help in case that it wont add it automaticly. Trustwallet is doing things a bit different and i can see why it might be hard for someone to figure it out. However you can always ask their support for help.

When you have filled all the info just click done and it should be added. Now it should show on your wallet page and given you an address you can use to send to and from.

This will work with any tokens that support the costum token networks trustwallet supports. So its just to get adding all the tokens you need and your all set.

I know the post is short, but the idea is for it to help people. I wrote this article rather quick and hope its good enough and easy to understand. If it helped you please spread it around with others which have same issue. We need to help each other with the problems we face.

Thanks again for reading.