Today we will be looking into mining the scrypt algo. However this post is not limited to Dogecoin alone. You will be able to mine other coins like Litecoin and Digibyte and many other coins. I will be showing this using ccminer for Windows and NVIDIA cards.

This guide is setup using Prohashing mining pool. Click the yellow link to get 0.5% more your first 30 days of mining.

Even tho the post is setup with Prohashing you can still however use it to setup with other pools.

What is Prohashing

Prohashing is a mining pool that does things a bit differently from others. As they let you mine 16 different algos, they let you get paid in totally different coins. Instead of getting paid in eg ETH you can choose to get paid in Dash if you set that under your payment option.

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Setting Payment Options

To set your way you want get paid just follow the image above to get to the page. When you are on the pageg click Add New Payout Option. New window will open where you can choose what coin or token you want to be paid in or if you want to send it all to charity. You can also choose to send it as USD to your coinbase account.

Just add your address to your wallet with no min amount to deposit.

When you have set the wallet just write 100% in that target proportion section unless you want to share everything between more coins.

Worker Configurator

First is to get your config information that you can find under tools in the menu. However i will be using proswitching here, tho i will include the command line for mining dogecoin too. Again i will have to say you would need a highend PC or ASIC miners for this algo.

This is a fairly hard algo to mine.

Scrypt Miners

CCMiner Windows and NVIDIA –

SGminer – Win/linux – NVIDIA/AMD –

Setting Up The Miner

First you will have to Click the Mega link above for ccminer. You will then come to a page where you can click download. When you have it downloaded please unzip and put it a place where you can find it.

Second thing you will have to do is find the mine.bat/cmd. Then you will have to right click it and press edit with Notepad/notepad++.

Third thing you will have to do is add your details you got from the config page on prohashing.

ccminer.exe -a scrypt -o stratum+tcp:// -u Caltv93 

For Dogecoin

ccminer.exe -a scrypt -c dogecoin -o stratum+tcp:// -u Caltv93 

For Other Pools

ccminer.exe -a scrypt -o stratum+tcp://PoolURL:Port -u walletadr.workername -p x 

And at last your dashboard and miner should look like this. Everything should be working and showing no errors. Prohashing supports 17 different scrypt algo coins you can mine.

If you did enjoy this and/or it helped you get started. Please share this post to your socials so others can see it too.