So in todays post we will look into how to start mining NeoScrypt with your GPU. We will be using Prohashing in this post today. However i will be showing the setup guide for NVIDIA GPU’s in this. I will include links to ADM miners so you can have a play around with them. The Prohashing link will provide you 0.5% more reward your first 30 days of mining.

What is Prohashing

Prohashing is a mining pool that does things a bit differently from others. As they let you mine 16 different algos, they let you get paid in totally different coins. Instead of getting paid in eg ETH you can choose to get paid in Dash if you set that under your payment option.

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Setting Payment Options

To set your way you want get paid just follow the image above to get to the page. When you are on the pageg click Add New Payout Option. New window will open where you can choose what coin or token you want to be paid in or if you want to send it all to charity. You can also choose to send it as USD to your coinbase account.

Just add your address to your wallet with no min amount to deposit.

When you have set the wallet just write 100% in that target proportion section unless you want to share everything between more coins.

Worker Configurator

You can find the configurator by navigating to Tools in the menu bar. We will be using Proswitching for this since it will earn you the most. You can however pick static coin and pick from 7 different coins.

Neoscrypt Mining Softwares

Here is a few mining softwares for mining this algo. Tho the NVIDIA ccminer one works with a ton of algos.

Setting Up The Miner

As i said in the start of the post. We will be using ccminer for this post. I’ve linked to my ccminer build that i know work and should be easy for you as well.

First you will have to go to the link above. When you finally have downloaded the .rar file just open it and drag out to you desk.

Open the folder and find the batch file called mine.bat. Right click the file and go down to Edit with Notepad/notepad++.

Here you will have to change the information to yours. In case you will use static coin just write -c coinname to just mine that coin.

ccminer.exe -a neoscrypt -o stratum+tcp:// -u Caltv93 

For Static Coin

ccminer.exe -a neoscrypt -c feathercoin -o stratum+tcp:// -u Caltv93 

For Other Pools

ccminer.exe -a neoscrypt -c feathercoin -o stratum+tcp://poolURL:port -u walletaddress.workername -p x 

Now you just need to press Ctrl + S to save your edit. Close down the Notepad and then double click the batch file you just edited. This should start the miner.

If everything went well your dashboard and miner should look like this. However it can take a few seconds to start when you first run the software. Your dashboard will take a minute or two before showing your hashrate and more. If you scroll down you can see your earnings in the coin you choose for payout on Prohashing.

You will automaticly be paid when you reach the minimum amount required.

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