So today we will revisit Torum. This is to see whats new and what still is to come. If you havn’t already seen then i have written a few posts on Torum. You can always check my site for these posts. A lot of been happening since i last wrote a full post about Torum.

When you have looked through this post you should be rather up to date. Really depending on when you read it that is.

IDO 14 Sept

The IDO is over and marks officially Torum going places. Both IDO’s on Scaleswap and Zendit was sold out rather quickly. This raised $300,000 in total at a sale price of $0.06 per XTM. This marked the first and only IDO officially over.

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Uniswap Listing 15 Sept

Torum did list on Uniswap the day after the IDO. This was however shortly followed with un announced listings on Hotbit and XT. All these exchanges are currently only ETH based since at the time of writing this XTM is yet to be added on new networks.

Torum will first start looking into adding to BSC, HECO and other ETH based chains earlist Oct.

Better Anti Spam/Leechers.

To battle spam and XTM leeching accounts that is just on Torum to Farm XTM. They have added a Power mission for new Landers. This will give new landers daily missions to reach 100 power before they unlock the XTM missions. How does this work you might ask. Well every time they get reported they lose a lot of energy they will have to earn back.

This so far had a positive effect. The spam have become a lot less. It also really fight people who would make more then one account and script it to post comments etc using bots.

Liquidity Reward Program

Even tho its only will be running for a month at first(still to be decided). There is $1000 worth of XTm everyday given out to Uniswap Liquidity providers. You can read more about this in Torums article here. If you already providing liquidity on Uniswap and havn’t whitelisted your address please do so here.

Lander XTM Staking Program

Until the 4th oct. You can start staking your XTM between 1 to 3 months at a 2 to 6% rate. You can find this under you wallet on site. For all information on this please see this article. But hurry up, last day to start staking is the 4th. This is a one time thing for all landers of Torum.

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Torum News Section

Now you can see all the latest news on Torum. The news section can give you the latest crypto based news in different topics and 4 different languages. This will help you to always be up to date with the world of crypto. You can find this in the header menu.

Whats To Come

There is a lot more to come this year. With the NFT marketplace just around the corner from this article going live. After that the biggest things to come after will be the Torum Finance. Its really an exciting year for Torum.

If you want to be ready for all these new things then you should follow the below accounts.

Telegram ANN.




The above links are some of the places where they will announce new things.

If you just hearing about Torum why not join Torum and take part in something bigger? Now If you liked this post that update of all the past month of whats going on. Please share it with your friends.