In todays post we will look into This is a website that let you buy off Amazon cheaper using Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash. This is both for people who want to buy using their crypto and people who want to forfill the orders. I have written a little bit about this website in one of my earlier posts. However i thought it needed its own post to explain a lot more about it.

As always trying to give as much back to the community and my readers. The links to in this post give you $5 in BTC when using $100 or more.

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How Does It Work?

There is two kind of users on There is the people who want to buy items from their crypto. Then there is the earners who are the people who forfill the orders and recive crypto for it. So everytime you make an order in crypto someone else will go and buy it for you on Amazon using giftcards.

The buyer can choose to pick a discount up to 33% tho the higher discount the longer your order could take.

Even tho is showing a limited amount of categories you still can search anything.

For Buyers

When you fund your account with bitcoin or bitcoin cash. Then you can search the site for the products you want. When you place your order it will then be shown in the above list. This list is for the people who want to buy the product for you using giftcards. Depending on your amount of discount it can take all from 1 to 10+ days before its forfilled by an earner.

To fund your wallet you need to first click the account dropdown. Then click on wallet as shown in the image above this text. This will then take you to a page where you can deposit/withdraw BTC/BCH to a wallet listed or given by you. When the funds are there(or before) go to the front page.


When you are on the front page, then go to the search bar. Here you can search for any word or paste a direct link to the product you found on amazon already. It will show the products of the word or the product of the link. The flag is for the regional Amazon, so please pick one of them that send to you.

Because i love candy i took a search on that. When you found a fitting product just click on it. Then on the product page like any online shop pick size and all those things with options. Then click add to card. Go to the checkout on

Here you can pick your discount of the product. by defualt you do have 5% and will take 2 to 4 days before picked up by an earner. The exstra funds box is to add forward shipping costs. On this product if i picked 33% i would save $11+ but still take 10+ days. Now just go on and finish your order and wait for it to be picked up by an earner. then there is just to wait for it to come.

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For Earners

First you need to click the earn tab as shown above in the image. When you are on the earn page then pick what you want to earn of the two cryptos. Now you just have to find the order you want to forfill in the list and click on it. Since i do not plan to forfill any order right now it limited what i can show.

When you click on an order you will get the above window. Jusst accept it and do what it tells you. Then forfill the order using your Amazon gift cards and earn bitcoin and bitcoin cash. Its a really good way to convert giftcards into crypto. So if you have a lot of giftcards laying around then go ham!

Tho i do suggest you check the earner 101 and level and limits for more information on what you can and cannot. Of couse the higher level the higher orders can you take.


I hope that this somewhat was useful for people who want to buy using crypto to save the pain of selling and paying out. Or if you do not have to option to sell crypto in your country. If this somewhat helped you understand well i would appreciate if you shared this article with friends and socials.